Chilli Bean Nachos


Classic corn chips with chilli beans and sour cream and cheese.



Classic corn chips with chilli beans and sour cream.

Ingredients: Black beans in chilli sauce, Natural corn chips, Grated cheese, Sour cream, Spring onion, White pepper, 

Allergens: Milk/Dairy

Nutritional Information Per serving  Per 100g 
Energy  1915.1kJ  912kJ 
Total fat  24.7g  11.8g 
Saturated fat  10.2g  4.9g 
Carbs  43.6g  20.8g 
Total sugars  8g  3.8g 
Protein  15g  7.2g 
Iron  2.3mg  1.1mg 
Sodium  617.8mg  294.2mg 
Fibre  7.7g  3.7g 


Note: Product ingredients are subject to availability and may change without prior notice.

Additional information


Gluten Free, Vegetarian


Dairy, Milk


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